New Music video for "Corey" coming soon.

Music Video for "Corey" to be released this month. Corey was a cousin of mine that got shot and killed by a police officer in plain clothes that was not wearing a badge and did not announce himself as a police officer. The cop also pulled up opposing the flow of traffic in a white, unmarked cargo van. Corey was waiting for roadside assistance in Palm Beach Gardens FL because his car broke down. The Cop - Nouman Raja, lied in his initial report after the 3 a.m. shooting October 15th 2015 painting Corey as the aggressor upon his approach. This lying police officer didn't know that Corey was on the phone with roadside assistance, and that the entire situation was being recorded. Without this recording, it would be this cops lying word against a dead man. I believe the trial begins February 25th - I can't be sure because they keep changing the date. The full music video will be released on this day.

Video filmed and edited by Juan Ordonez